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Art’s Decorative Concrete is proud to offer decorative polished concrete countertops and flooring.

We offer polishing, staining, decorative cutting, engraving and custom designing for homes, offices, restaurants, grocery stores, back yards, driveways, yard decor and more.

Art’s Decorative Concrete 

# 103 Maidstone, SK

Doing our best to be the best!

Art’s Decorative Concrete offers:

  • Polished concrete countertops
  • Concrete grinding
  • Concrete memorial benches
  • Concrete staining
  • Yard decor
  • Custom stepping stones
  • Diamond polished floors
  • Acid staining
  • Decorative overlays

Concrete Grinders & Polishers

Doing our best to be the best!

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ECO Flooring

ECO Flooring

No wax, no top sealers, no finishes needed, just diamond polished technology.

So go green with easy to clean polished concrete flooring.

Builders and homeowners are discovering the benefits of going green and becoming environmentally friendly without sacrificing beauty or spending a fortune. In fact, the green alternative often saves money, particularly over time, while taking steps to treat our planet kinder.

Decorative concrete countertops and flooring are a beautiful, sustainable and economical example of an environmentally friendly option. They are durable, low-maintenance and will last for many years to come. Concrete can serve as both a foundation slab, a finished floor to a highly polished countertop with endless designs.  Concrete flooring has also been shown to contribute to improve energy effieciency, indoor air quality, as well as lighting. All these reasons suggest that decorative polished concrete is the most economical and environmentally friendly option for the future.

Art’s Decorative Concrete

We will be happy to discuss this economical and environmentally friendly option.